Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Utah #1: Congratulations, Graduates!

We had a busy weekend! Isaac, Aiden and I made a trip out to Utah with my mom at the start of my Spring Break to see Matthew and Stephani graduate from BYU, attend Brooke’s wedding, and help my sister move into her first apartment. It was quite the busy trip.

We drove all night in the hopes that Aiden would just sleep most of the trip, but that was just wishful thinking. He was a little tough, but after about fourteen and a half hours in the car, we finally rolled into Provo. Thursday was mostly a blur after that, but I know I helped Mandy pack and took a nap, visited with family, and I think I ate somewhere in there.

Friday morning we started off at Matthew and Stephani’s graduation. Matthew walked with Stephani and the McKay School of Education, where he got his BS in Construction Management, and Stephani graduated in El Ed.




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