Monday, September 11, 2017

Charlotte is TWO!

At two, Charlotte talks up a storm… even when we don’t understand half of it.


We LOVES to follow and play with her brothers, Ayen and Nyanyun. They are (usually) very good with her too.


Thanks to my mom for making Charlotte a peekaboo cake with her favorite thing inside: jelly beans. Charlotte was definitely more excited about the jelly beans than the cake.


Back to School

Ready or not, we’re off and running for a new school year…



Monday, September 4, 2017


In August, Isaac and I took Landon and Charlotte to Boise for their aunt Teresa’s wedding. We left the afternoon of Aiden’s first day of school, so he stayed behind with my dad. Can you tell he’s into The Flash (and really anything that is fast and reflects his love of running)?


Landon was super excited to camp a night in Nevada on the way, and I was relieved when they both slept GREAT in the tent and in general travelled very well.


They were both really good at amusing themselves in the car for the 10-11 hour drive each way. We had lots of snacks and no meltdowns, so I call it a success!

We got to see most of Isaac’s siblings and their kids plus his parents, and Landon and Charlotte loved having time to play with their cousins. We were so spoiled with lots of cousin time this summer!



Can you tell from Landon’s face that he was pretty tired? Winking smile


Wedding festivities were Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon, and we got to visit the Boise temple for the first time. Everything was beautiful.


Much love to the newlyweds! We’re so grateful we could be there!