Wednesday, February 22, 2017


In the going-on-four years we’ve owned the house, we’ve refinished or replaced all the flooring, remodeled the kitchen and all three bathrooms, replaced most of the doors and windows, painted everything, created a playroom out of an attic space, and more. It’s so different inside than it used to be, but we haven’t done a ton on the outside. Until now!

This winter we’re having a few more projects done!


We decided to have the brick fa├žade and wood siding removed; the wood was in pretty sad shape. The whole house is being re-stucco-ed, and they are installing a stone veneer half wall in front. The rain has made this a LONG PROCESS.


We had lots of rotting on the balcony, including one of our major beams, so lots of that was torn out and replaced. It’s still not done, but you get the idea. Smile


More later!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Seattle Excursion

After New Years, we were able to spend some time with the Binghams! It was freezing outside, but we had lots of fun together, staying inside where it was warmer. The four cousins had such a blast playing together.


We got to be there for Emma’s second birthday, and all the kids loved her fresh berry cake and playing with her new slide and trampoline.


Thanks for letting all of us invade your house, Bry & Mandy! We love you!

Monday, December 26, 2016

It’s Christmas!

The Christmas season is so fun. We baked cookies and delivered them to others, participated in many of the #lighttheworld ideas, decorated with lights and nativities and books, sang holiday carols, hung Christmas cards all over our pantry doors (we LOVE getting Christmas cards!), read Christmas stories and finally all got to stay home from work and school together! We have had the best month and especially the last few days home together and with family.

my littlest reindeer this year…


Christmas Eve dinner at my mom’s house with the Andersons, changing it up this year


My uncle is Santa in his free time, and he must be AMAZING.


We sang Christmas carols, and my cousin Dallin accompanied. I can’t believe he’s a junior in high school.


We loved that we got to attend church Christmas morning. Then we had brunch at Mom’s house, and it was delicious!


We sure love hanging out with these guys! They’re pretty awesome.

Friday, December 16, 2016


Winter Break is super late this year. We are trying to hang tight for four more days of school. A late Winter Break didn’t keep us from breaking out the decorations the day after Thanksgiving though!


At 15 months old, Charlotte is getting around on her own easily, moving quickly, grabbing anything within reach, climbing stairs, etc. She waves, blows kisses, claps, dances, stomps her foot, and high-fives when she’s not being shy. She says hi, go, bye, up, ba-ba (bottle), Daddy, Aiden, Papa, and dog. I am trying not to be bummed about what she doesn’t say… She has eight front teeth and just recently acquired two bottom molars, which made for a temporarily miserable little girl, but she seems to be back to normal now.


IMG_0655IMG_0657IMG_0664Charlotte’s saying “hi” here

Mandy and Emma came to visit! I took almost no pictures. We saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We visited Cripps Place together, and the kids had a blast looking for characters they recognized. Aiden loved this one this year:


My mom took a few pictures for us. See! New blog header!


Now, THAT is sibling love.

Thanksgiving Break Part 2

We took advantage of the season passes we got this summer and left before dawn to drive down to Universal Studios. We saw the animal show, took the tour, enjoyed some rides, and spent lots of time in Hogsmeade. We shared a cup of butter beer, and the boys had lots of fun “doing magic” as we walked up and down the street. We did everything we’d hoped to and then drove back home. It was a long day, but it was totally worth it.



There were 30 family members gathered for Thanksgiving at my mom’s house this year, and it was quite a fun party.


The next day, we decorated for the holidays. I love this season and try to maximize it every year! My family members are such good sports about it and got right into helping.