Thursday, April 14, 2011

13 Months Old!

At thirteen months old, Aiden is turning into quite the little man instead of Mommy’s baby.


He is climbing on EVERYTHING.


He still loves the dog, and he gets a kick out of chasing the dogs around a room.


He is developing quite the feisty personality. He throws little tantrums when he can’t have what he wants, but we are sitting them out and praying he figures out quickly that his cries do not change our minds.


He sort of blows kisses (he has a hard time with the throwing part, lol), signs milk, waves bye bye (he does this when he’s ready for bed at night in addition to when we say “bye bye”), high fives, claps, and points.

He says “mama,” “dada,” “Hay-ee” (the dog, Haylie), “hi",” and “ball.” I can hardly wait for him to learn more words because it will be so much easier, right?

He is walking everywhere and is hard to shop with now unless I have something to strap him into because he squirms around in my arms because he’d rather walk on his own. and of course, pick up everything that looks cool. Today he picked up a Cutie someone had dropped in the parking lot. Ew.

He is smarter than I am. Yesterday I was trying to show Mandy via webcam how he says Haylie, and while I was asking him about the dog, he was waving around my mouse pad and hugging it. It wasn’t until he pointed at it and finally said “Hay-ee” that I realized her picture is on our mouse pad. Oops.

and since this is mostly an Aiden blog now, I’ll just throw in one photo of Isaac for your viewing pleasure.

He may kill me for this.



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Sarah said...

I think the picture of Isaac is great. I can't believe how big Aiden is. I am so excited for next week when I get to see him, and you and Isaac.