Sunday, May 1, 2016

2.5 Years

Ask Landon how old he is, and he will say "TWO AND A HALF!"

Or maybe "FIVE AND A HALF!"

He's figuring out his numbers, ha.

He is learning his colors. He speaks very clearly for a two year old, and we understand the bulk of what he says. He cracks us up with what he comes up with. Today during the first hour of church, my friend (whom he adores) finished speaking, and he said loudly "Is it time for Nursery now?" (It wasn't yet). He says his own simple prayers. He sings along with Primary songs and some kids songs like the ABC's and Farmer in the Dell. He doesn't know all the words, but he does pretty well. 

He is totally Aiden's mini-me. For example, yesterday he was shadowing his brother all over the wildlife refuge, including when Aiden climbed from near the water up some rocks to the trail, which was easy for Aiden but pretty big for Landon. He started to slide back, caught himself, and climbed back up. He got to the top and shouted I DID IT! I nearly peed my pants out of fear for him as I hurried to him shouting at him to wait for me to help him, but of course, he wanted to do it himself, even though it was hard.

He is also TWO, which means that he cries for silly reasons sometimes, throws the occasional fit, and sometimes just makes no sense. He is incredibly loud, almost all the time. Shouting seems to be his normal mode of conversation, and he runs around like a stomping elephant. His enthusiasm is in good things too though. He loves to laugh, and if you try to be silly with him, he'll be your best friend and reward your efforts with hilarious belly laughs. He is so charming, and we wouldn't trade him.

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