Monday, August 31, 2015

Our Big Kindergartener!

Aiden started Kindergarten last week! When he had a primary assessment in the spring and was asked to go into the classroom with the other kids and teachers but no parents, he had a mini-meltdown, so I was pretty nervous about this fall, but he did great!


He is going to the same elementary school I went to “a few years ago”… but I don’t think a single person on staff when I was there is still there… shocking…

Family friends from church whom we’ve known for years have a little boy Aiden’s age. They went to Preschool together, and now they are in the same kindergarten class, which Aiden is very excited about.



When we were both home from school, I asked him how his first day of school was, and he replied “It was AWESOME!”


Here’s hoping he will continue to love school and have a great year!


Brooke Evans said...

That's a darling image you made at the end. Congrats to Aiden :)

esmiley said...

He looks so grown-up!