Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Projects in Progress

We tore out two old windows, one of which had seriously bad termite damage and needed lots of reframing. We were SO fortunate to have someone in our stake who is a contractor offer us a big window which had been sitting in his garage for free.


DSC_6694DSC_6698We still have to take care of the stucco outside, but all the inside work is done.



Isaac tore out the old linen cabinets, which didn’t offer very much space. He and my mom built new cabinets and installed them. We still have to do the finish work, but it’s sure nice to have so much more storage!



Now Isaac has been working on ripping out our third (and final!) bathroom. Jon E. and Aiden helped him out this week. Hopefully we can get it all put back together in the next few weeks before getting busy with other things!




Sarah said...

Wow! I finally just caught up on your blog. You guys have been busy fixing up your house. I love Aiden's room! It is so cute. I can't wait until I can come and visit and see the house myself.

Danielle said...

So close.......
the race is on... baby or bathroom? Which will be done first???