Wednesday, October 30, 2013

His Own Timeline

Baby has us all fooled. Or maybe he knows we haven’t decided on his name yet. Or that I just finished decorating his room today. Who knows. In any case, he’s left us hanging for what feels like a very long time now.

I am not as patient as I should be. To keep busy, I have spent the past five days being tested in the hospital (everything seems normal), baking (a pie and several batches of cookies)…



waxing furniture…


decorating the nursery…


and hanging out with Aiden.




In the meantime, everyone else around here has been putting millions of hours into the house. I know they are doing it to make me happy, and I can’t express how much I appreciate their countless hours of selfless service.


The stairwell and landing have been textured and painted, the baby’s room is nearly done, and the master bath is well on its way. Our house remodel is getting so close to being finished!

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Mandy B. said...

I love these pictures. :) Aiden is so cute and looking like such a boy.

Also, I love how Sophie is oh-so-inconspicuously in a photo.