Monday, August 29, 2011

Grand Bahama Island

What a great end to the summer! We thoroughly enjoyed our family trip the the Bahamas, and we feel very lucky that Hurricane Irene didn’t come through until a few days after we left.

We had a LONG trip out with a 4.5 hour flight to North Carolina, a 6 hour layover, and then a <2 hour hop over to the island.

BahamasA 002edBahamasA 004

Aiden felt left out without a hot chocolate cup of his own, so we got an extra cup and filled it with water. He was thrilled.

BahamasB 003

We had a great little balcony facing the channel. The island is full of channels that were originally used to transport lumber.

BahamasB 012

BahamasB 026

We got a lot of ice cream. It was humid, which Isaac adjusted to much more quickly than I did. The moderate California weather has completely spoiled me.

BahamasB 022

The public beach was never crowded. We never saw more than a dozen people at any beach, actually… maybe because a giant hurricane was working its way toward us?

BahamasB 027

BahamasB 037

Aiden was a great traveller. He was good on most of our flights, he was happy to be pushed around in his stroller, and we stayed close enough to the beach that we easily got back for his afternoon nap every day, so he was peaceable for all our outings.

BahamasB 039

BahamasB 041ed

BahamasB 044

I remember reading about a conch shell in Lord of the Flies, but not only did I not know how to say it, I had never had it. I was missing out—it’s good.

BahamasA 021

Aiden loved our balcony.

BahamasB 064BahamasB 066

BahamasB 069

We went snorkeling over a coral reef, which was AWESOME.

BahamasB 078

This is the Ghost Ship from Pirates of the Caribbean. It was docked maybe a third of a mile from our hotel.

BahamasB 085

We took an island tour that included a walk through Garden of the Groves, which was beautiful.

BahamasB 109

BahamasB 126

I was really bad about making sure I was in some pictures. Here’s one of the few to prove I was actually there, lol.

BahamasB 130

BahamasB 144

BahamasB 153

BahamasB 170

BahamasB 187

We had a lot of fun, and it was a very relaxing way to end the summer before another crazy school year starts up. Hope everyone had a beautiful summer as well!

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esmiley said...

So beautiful! And how peaceful to not have it be overly crowded too.