Saturday, August 13, 2011

17 Months Old and the Toddler Dilemma

Aiden is 17 months old now! He is just starting to make more of an effort to communicate, which makes us all very happy. He is trying to say “please,” which he also signs fairly regularly now. He is still trying to say “flower” and mostly says “ball,” but I hear him make attempts at words more often, and even though they don’t sound clear, I can tell he is trying more.

He is fascinated with trying to figure out how things work. He loves to play with buckles, attempt to put on his own shoes, put his sippy cups in drink holders, and try things over and over to see how they function.


He is finally getting a little taller, but he is still so skinny, we are having quite a time with his pants. He wears a lot of 9 month pants still, but they are getting short (seen below, accentuated by elastic), but he has many 12 mo. pants that fall right down because he’s so thin. We are glad that it is summer and he mostly wears shorts anyway.


Not a great picture, but this is the cheeser smile he’s been giving me lately…


Now for the toddler dilemma… Aiden has reached the stage where he wants to be Mr. Independent. He’s so cute, and I want him to learn to do things like feed himself on his own, but oh my, what a mess he makes…


Okay, I love how he opens his mouth huge for every bite.



He was coloring nicely and didn’t want my help, and before I knew it, he colored the grout. This is AFTER I scrubbed it. Sad smile Ideas for cleaning red crayon out of grout?


He’s such a cute little stinker though. He has his four front teeth on top and three front teeth on the bottom but gained a bottom molar.


Anyway, I can’t believe he goes into Nursery next month, leaving me to actually listen to my classes at church sometimes… maybe. Smile

Here’s a video of him eating… it’s clear what a funny kid he can be.

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