Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Little Handful

I thought Aiden was getting into everything already, but he is teaching me new tricks all the time. A few from this weekend:

He likes to put on a strongman show where he lifts my five-pound weights with both hands and carries them a short distance. I have to hide them now because he also likes to drop them, and I am terrified he will drop one on his foot.


He learned how to lift the toilet cover. Apparently he thought it would be fun to drop toys in the water. Ew.


He learned to climb on the couch without a footrest! and how to color… on my students’ work. Oops. I’m just glad he didn’t poke holes in the couch. Thank goodness this was on my lap desk (which was also covered in pen).


He mimics everything we do. Isaac is now under strict instructions not to throw balls across the room or way up in the air. This is Aiden lifting up the rug just after watching Isaac do the same thing to straighten it out.


He sure is a handful, but he’s OUR handful, and we love him!

(dropping another toy, not dipping his hand in, thank goodness)



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Sarah said...

He is so adorable, and I am glad he hasn't dropped the weights on his food!