Monday, September 3, 2018

Charlotte is THREE

Charlotte had a lot of fun on her birthday this year. The boys helped decorate the night before, and she was especially excited to have balloons to play with. We converted her crib (which she doesn’t climb out of still) into a toddler bed, and she LOVES the freedom (me, maybe not so much…). She had one set of grandparents and Uncle Patrick over for a lunch of some of her favorite foods (various fruit, steak…), and Grandma made her a chocolate birthday cake that she loved. It doesn’t take much to make this sweet girl super happy, but she was particularly enamored with the new clothes she received.


Excitement over clothes:


Charlotte loves to talk, play with her brothers, and look at books. She is very loving and gives hugs freely and often to her family. She sings, but only when she is in the mood to, and likes to dance around the house and in her car seat. She sweetly refers to her brothers as “her boys,” and often cheers “It’s my Landon!” when we pick him up from school. While sweet most of the time, she won’t let her brothers get away with anything she thinks is wrong or unfair and will loudly protest. She likes to play outside and get dirty but also likes to dress up and have her hair done. Mostly, she really wants to be involved in whatever everyone else is doing. We love her to pieces!

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