Tuesday, July 17, 2018


After Disneyland, Isaac and I decided to head south about an hour and take the kids to Legoland. None of us had been there before, so it was a new experience for everyone.


There were several boat rides (we did at least three) and other attractions, many of which Charlotte and/or I couldn’t do, but the boys were able to do a lot.


MiniLand USA is a series of replicas of famous world landmarks, complete with “people” and moving parts. The kids liked the places with buttons they could push to make a sound or action.


The boys also really liked all the Star Wars replicas we found. There was a lot to see at Legoland, but Star Wars creations were definitely some of their favorites.


There were also a few building areas scattered throughout the park where kids could use the Legos available to create something. They really liked building boats and then launching them.


Ninjago was the kids’ other favorite area. The ride was a 3D interactive kind of ride, and Landon did lots better than all of us the first time, but of course we had to ride again, and then Isaac copied Landon’s moves and came up with a better point-gaining system. They also liked climbing the mini rock wall around the corner.


We finished up the day with frozen yogurt from a place near the hotel, and we enjoyed sleeping in comfortable beds and watching HG-TV (Okay, maybe that was just me).


Charlotte thought this Darth Vader was scary.


We did just a half day the second day and then headed home, about eight hours in the car with a stop for Cafe Rio. Smile Everyone had fun, but we definitely wore everyone out too! It was nice to get home and sleep in our own beds again.

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