Sunday, November 6, 2016

Landon’s THREE!

Landon is three! Most of the time, he’ll tell you that… but sometimes he says six.


We enjoyed his favorite foods for dinner… meat, fruit, and soft pretzels. Actually, he really liked the orange bell peppers on the kebabs.


He loves balloons and cupcakes, so his birthday celebration was pretty exciting.


At three, Landon is somewhat precocious, very attentive to what’s going on around him and anxious to keep up with everyone. He hardly realizes he’s so much younger and smaller than his brother and works hard to run fast, talk (loudly) and be involved in every conversation and activity. He would really love to give up naps because he doesn’t want to miss anything, but once we get him in bed, he’s usually good about sleeping.


He loves cars, Chuggington, Five Little Monkeys, being the center of attention, eating pretty much anything, and playing with his siblings. DSC_8283

Sometimes he’s great about sharing, and other times he’s not… it’s tough being the middle child. He can be a great helper. He has a warm, contagious smile… and he also has a dead-pan expression that could stop a deer in its tracks.


He is getting better about using the potty, he speaks pretty clearly most of the time, and he’s so much less clumsy than he was six months ago. He is definitely growing up quickly!


Cathy said...

Looks like a great celebration.

Mandy B. said...

I'm glad you got a picture of him opening his monkey book. :) He looks so different from three months ago! To me, at least. He just keeps growing.