Sunday, October 16, 2016

October Traditions

Lately we’ve enjoyed some of our favorite October traditions.

Aiden participated in his school’s annual Walk-a-Thon during which students do as many laps as they can in about an hour to raise money for the PTA. Aiden got a few sponsors and was tickled pink to think that the more he ran, the more money he would earn for his school. Last year he ran 22 laps, and his goal was to run more this year, maybe even 27! Each lap is a tenth of a mile around the blacktop. There are sno-cones, water bottles, popcorn, teachers and community volunteers blowing bubbles and spraying them with water… It’s quite a fun event.

He started off running with a friend, but when the friend got distracted eating and talking to his brothers, Aiden kept on running. He LOVES to run.


He even walked/ran with his food when he “took breaks.”


After 30 laps, he told us that he was about done. Then he jogged two more before turning in his card. He wanted to play on the playground with Landon for a little while before we left. His energy amazes me.


We went to the pumpkin patch, and each kid got to pick out a pumpkin he/she could carry back to the car.



We’re looking forward to more holiday fun as the month (and eventually year) comes to a close!

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Mandy B. said...

I looked at this post before but looking at it again I just think "so many good pictures." :) Thanks for posting!

I love you!