Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October Adventures

We enjoyed a walk around the Oakland Zoo with Mandy and Emma while they visited.


Landon brushed the goats for the first time and thought that was pretty awesome. He also got completely filthy climbing around in some dirt by the tigers.


The tigers were snoozing… and so was Charlotte.


We went by the temple while in Oakland and saw the new reflection pool.


We went to the pumpkin patch, which Aiden looks forward to every year, and he was especially excited to be able to share the experience with his cousin.


I don’t always think my boys look a lot alike, but sometimes I’m surprised to see how much they can…


Emma liked this part of the pumpkin patch. Smile


And here I thought it was hard to take a good picture of TWO kids… Is it even possible to take a good picture of THREE?


We sure had fun visiting. Can’t wait to see Mandy, Bryant, and Emma again!


1 comment:

Mandy B. said...

Haha. That last picture is great. So many good ones throughout, though. What cute kids. :)

Love you! Glad I could come out for a visit.