Saturday, March 14, 2015

Aiden is FIVE!

It is crazy to think that I have been a mom for five years, and that Aiden is starting Kindergarten in the fall.

He requested a superhero party this year. First, we got everyone in costume…



Then we went on a hunt to collect Kryptonite and save Superman.


We had a Thor hammer toss (into the hula hoop).


We had a superhero bean bag toss.


We built our own English muffin pizzas and enjoyed some of Aiden’s favorite foods… pretzels, strawberries, raspberries, and clementines with lemonade.


We ate cupcakes and snickerdoodles, played stick the star on the superhero, threw superhero gliders, and played in the yard. I hope Aiden’s friends all had as much fun as he did!


Wackiest superhero award goes to… Landon.


Aiden is loving, fun, helpful, and loyal. He sometimes looks forward to Kindergarten and other times feels anxious about it. He loves to play with Legos, cars, and planes. He did not want to blow out candles or be sung to because he just wanted to play and run around. He surprises me with his thoughtful ideas quite often lately. We are so happy to have him in our family and look forward to what this year will bring for him.


Danielle Koberstein said...

That party was so much fun! I love how relaxed you are about hosting a party... the kids could just keep playing every game until they were ready to move on... I need to take a lesson from you in chilling out...

Anyway, funny story: one of our balloons from the party got sucked out of an open window on the car ride home. Jade was pretty upset about it, so we turned around and went back for it. Plus, we didn't want to litter :)

esmiley said...

What a great party! And I can't believe he's 5 either!

Mandy B. said...

I love Aiden's face in the picture with getting Kryptonite. It's priceless.

Also, Landon's face-against-the-glass picture is hilarious.

Funny boys. :) I love them.

Super cute kid party ideas you used - the capes, games, muffin pizzas. Awesome.