Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prom Season

Am I really so old that my baby sister is going to Prom? Wow.

Here she is ready for Newark's Junior Prom. She went with a bunch of friends from school.

Here she is going to Washington's Junior Prom. Matt, from her seminary class, asked her to go to his Prom with her. Note the gorgeous purse Mom made her to match the dress.

Even if this probably means I'm getting old, it was fun to do her hair and makeup. :)


esmiley said...

She looks so grown up and beautiful! And that blue dress is gorgeous.

JulieD said...

Oh my gosh, not only is your sister old enough to go to prom, but MATT? Really? I still think of him as 8 years old. Wow. (he's from my ward)

Danielle said...

Oh, so cute! I wish my big sister would have lived close enough to do my hair for prom! Tell Mandy she's very lucky!