Sunday, August 10, 2008

In between activities

I wish I could say that I had something very interesting to post, but I don't. I was excited to finish up summer school Thursday; the kids were totally checked out the last two weeks, so it was rough getting them to do anything. Basically I would say the word "write" and the moaning would commence for the remainder of the classtime. It was terribly fun. I especially liked when they tagged a bookcase in Sharpie. Luckily, my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser came to the rescue. In any case, my summer job earned us enough money to take a little trip this month, so in a few days, we are off for Oregon and Washington, two states neither Isaac nor I have ever been to. The stake just got home from YW Camp yesterday, and so the last week, Isaac and I dog-sat Haylie. Sophie was ELATED to have a friend around 24-7. This is a picture of them hugging in between play fights, lol.

Anyway, hopefully we'll have some more exciting stuff to post after our trip. For now, we're just enjoying the two and a half weeks before I go back to work.

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esmiley said...

Have a fun trip! I'm so jealous. Someday I'll make it to the pacific northwest too!

Also, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are amazing. (And also a necessity with a two-year-old!) :o)