Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sophie at 9 months old

I keep pretty busy with work, and Isaac keeps pretty busy reading... but Sophie makes the time we are all home together a lot more fun. First is a video f how happy she is to play. She jumps on command, then plays with a barking toy she got for Christmas from my uncle.

This is a picture of her with her favorite toy. She demolishes with incredible speed most of her toys, not only chewing them open and unstuffing them, but eating them as well. It is a little weird to watch how it makes her so happy to eat her toys, but I can deal with that since she seems to understand that she can chew on her own toys and stays away from furniture and that which is not hers. This dog, however, she plucked the eyes off, and chewed off mot of one ear and the tail, but she hasn't torn it up yet. Instead, she carries it around like a little kid carries a teddy bear or something. On this particular occasion, she picked it up off the floor, jumped on our bed with it, and fell asleep right next to it. It was pretty cute.

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